I re-home hedgehogs – someone has to do it. And, to be honest, I love it. So far, the local wildlife hospital has entrusted me with ten. Given that the entire country has an estimated population of only one million, I think that’s quite a lot. I assumed, when I got the first batch, that they would disappear for a sizeable chunk of the year when they hunkered down for their big sleep. Not so. Mine have been romping round the garden every night since their arrival and eating their bodyweight in food. Hopefully, as well as snarfing bowls of cat food, they’re hoovering up the slugs and snails that devastate my hostas – or should I say, have devastated my hostas? I have pretty much given up growing them in utter despair at the damage that gets wrought every year. Maybe 2016 will be different if my prickly friends get their act together.

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