The Parking Conundrum

So, here’s the thing – what is the town going to do about parking? One of the aspect I love most about this place is that you can park for up to three hours for absolutely nothing. That’s right – zilch. It’s great, I love it. In a town this size you can accomplish everything you need to – that’s even time for a hair-do without incurring exorbitant parking charges. In the nearby city you’d need a mortgage to pay for the same amount of parking. But, here’s the rub, you need to find a space first. If it’s dry and I’ve not got a lot of shopping to get, I do the decent thing and cycle into town – it’s about five minutes on a bike and the way is pretty level. It means I’m not taking up a parking space, I’m getting exercise and even my old bike which has three gears (uphill, downhill or flat) can just about cope. But if I’m doing a supermarket shop it isn’t really viable. Usually I solve the problem by hitting the town before nine; the supermarket car park is empty, as is the store, and I can be done, dusted, home, shopping unpacked and enjoying a cup of tea before the school-run mums have even dropped off their little darlings and are thinking about cluttering up the the aisles with their youngest in their buggies and prams. But shopping early isn’t always possible and that’s when I really sympathise with those who gripe about the lack of parking bays. I see their point, but what is to be done? Build a multi-storey in the middle of the conservation area? Start charging huge sums for the privilege of coming into the town by car… build an out-of-town supermarket? I wish I knew the answer but what I do know is that until the good burghers of this parish find a solution the situation is only going to get worse and worse. And with nearly a thousand houses being build around the town as I write this we need a magic wand – and sharpish.

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