The Pub Quiz

Our local pub runs a weekly quiz. It is pretty popular and my team try and support it as much as we can. Not that there is much in the way of prizes – the most you can win is a round of drinks but no one minds because it is the best fun to be had in the town on a Wednesday night. The great thing about the quiz is that the winning team is mostly determined by blind luck. It’s a bingo quiz and to win you have to get a line of correct answers on your five-by-five numbered grid. Every team has a different grid with the numbers from one to twenty-five and the answer to question one goes in box one, question two in box two and so on. The answers are drawn out randomly. It is possible to get every single question right and be beaten by a team who only got five answers right but got their answers in a straight line because of the luck of the draw. It is genius! And because there’s no big cash prize on offer, no one really cares about the winning. Obviously, getting a free drink is always welcome but this is genuinely a case of a competition where the taking part is far more important than coming first

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